The NakiCloud Story

After seeing Taranaki missing out on the global move to cloud, three local Naki businessmen had a thought: If we can’t get a reliable local hosting service, why not build our own?

That revolutionary thinking has led to the creation of NakiCloud, a big-ass machine, in a local Data Centre supplying hosting services to our beloved Taranaki region.

This Data Centre will not only provide a much-needed boost to the region’s IT capabilities, but enable it to match the best in the country.

The brains behind this exciting venture are leaders in their field: Michael Perrett, HRV founder and respected businessman; Ryan Eagar, a finance whiz; and Matthew Mileham, an IT guru. Priding themselves on honesty, integrity, and being the best at what they do, the trio invites you to come on board and experience the benefits of NakiCloud for yourself.

If we can’t get a reliable local hosting service, why not build our own?

Keeping Cloud Computing Local

Previously the only choice your business had was to go out of region or to build and manage your own costly IT infrastructure. Taranaki businesses now have the option to host all their IT in our very own NakiCloud.

We have nothing against Auckland (sort of), but we find it hard to tolerate being at the end of a 400km cable and experience all the performance issues that come from being stuck at the end of the line. We call this the “Jafa Cloud” – and believe it’s time for the Naki to step out of the big smoke’s shadow.

Affordable Managed IT Services

Maintaining your own IT infrastructure is costly and time-consuming, and quite frankly, just distracts you from getting on with business. Sure, outsourcing the original set up is an option, but it will cost more, take more of your management time, and experience more downtime than our service hosted in our local Data Centre.