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NakiCloud’s big ass servers based right here in Taranaki connected to your business by a private connection (not over the internet, not offshore and not a small server in your office cupboard). When it comes to business, we all know time is money and efficiency is paramount. NakiCloud offers you ultrafast fibre and powerful cloud solutions that will take your business to the next level. Time to level-up.

Managed IT

Maintaining your own IT infrastructure is costly and time-consuming, and quite frankly, just distracts you from getting on with business. Sure, outsourcing the original set up is an option, but it will cost more, take more of your management time, and experience more downtime than our service hosted in our local data centre.

Data Centre / Cloud Service

Previously the only choice your business had was to go out of region or to build and manage your own costly IT infrastructure. Taranaki businesses now have the option to host all their IT in our very own NakiCloud.

We’ve built Taranaki’s first and only commercially available Data Centre, armed it with the latest high-powered servers and manned it with a local team of clever, highly experienced IT experts.

Hosted PBX Telephony Servers and VoIP

Your customers will be coming through loud and clear with VoIP (Voice over IP) landlines that actually work! Many NakiCloud customers save thousands every month on phone costs alone by using phones over our ultra-fast fibre connection.

Do you need to record your calls, have auto-attendant features or call analytics? We got it all covered.

Faster business Internet

Don’t settle for an average internet connection and create a bottleneck for your company. We can set up a dedicated fibre connection to your office locations for faster, less laggy, internet connection.

File Servers or Storage

This is for you if you require a lot of gigs, off-site storage and data availability from anywhere. Our file servers are fast, secure and reliable. This is an ideal way to centralize your data for all your offices.

Daily backups are just as important, we can set up daily backups to secure your data against catastrophe.

Data centre for small businesses

Just because you are still growing doesn’t mean that you can’t work from the cloud. Get your business online with our small business solutions that doesn’t break your budget.

Managed Hosted Emails

NakiCloud provides a fast hosted email service. No more long waiting times for emails to load, slow outdated email servers in your server room and no need to worry about the next server update that could bring all your emails down!

Emails can now be accessed from work, home or the cafe. On your PC, Mac, Tablet or phone. We are all about speed, flexibility, productivity and security.

Enterprise Level Security

Let us help you get rid of SPAM emails, questionable files, and that feeling that someone’s snooping on your network with our advanced antivirus software, SPAM filters and Managed Firewalls.

Multi-Site WAN Connections

With our multiple site wide area network connections we can create fast network links between all your offices and sites. These dedicated links allow for the faster file sharing and work collaboration.

Secure Remote Access Platforms

Remote access to your work environment from anywhere with your data, applications, emails etc. all hosted on NakiCloud’s powerful servers. Let us do the processing work and reduce your IT cost.

Powerful Website and Web App Hosting

We provide a powerful website hosting solution for websites that get a lot of visitors or do many advanced calculations. When it’s performance, low latency and up-time that you require then talk to us.


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