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NZ Tattoo and Art Festival
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As part of the Taste of the Tattoo Festival for 2018, we teamed up with See it in the City to have Australian artist Steen Jones paint the world's biggest tattoo flash sheet on the Speedster & OurCloud wall! The tribute to Sailor Jerry is located at 256 Devon Street East if you want to check it out...

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@steen_jones FINISHED PRODUCT! #speedster / #nakicloud wall! 🎨

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Steen Jones from Brisbane making good progress on the Naki Cloud & Speedster wall in the CBD He’ll be here doing the 33m long wall all week Thanks to Hello NP

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It’s a special day for us here at HQ, and we wanted to share the exciting news with you first.

Today’s the day Naki Cloud becomes Our Cloud.

Recently, our cloud community expanded to cover regions beyond the borders of our beloved Taranaki. We are very fortunate that our services have been well-received locally, which has given us the opportunity to now offer them in Waikato and Whanganui too.

The expansion has been the result of a lot of hard work, while it is also thanks to the Taranaki community who have backed us from the start. We want to thank you for your support of Naki Cloud, and look forward to having you continue on in the Our Cloud community.

Nothing changes for our existing customer. We will still be dishing out the same care and attention as we have done in the past – we’ve just had to employ more people to provide the same local service you know and love, in our new areas!

Welcome to Our Cloud.
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OurCloudStill waiting on the Facebook name change to come through.

3 weeks ago

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And the silver medal goes to Sam. Taranaki employers helping our young people become work-ready: brilliant! Naki Cloud

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Awesome Sam!

2 years ago   ·  3

Sam Lock! You're famous on your Birthday!! Love it!

2 years ago   ·  1

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